Essentially...we target city workers, professionals and sophisticates
  Our listeners are mostly 25-54 years, educated, sophisticated, affluent. Spiced by a growing 18-24 group of young, creative professionals. Together they present a fashionable and image-conscious lifestyle, plus the power to set fresher, richer trends
in fashion, dining, entertainment, technology,
motoring, travel and music.
  • Frequently go to cinema/theatre
  • Many live within 20km of CBD
  • Dine out 5 to 12 times per month
  • Spend $350+ on clothing per month
  • 48% go to the gym
  • 64% use the internet daily
  • Travel up to four times a year
  • 84% own a mobile phone
  • Over 44% prefer to listen to
    non-commercial radio stations!!!